Goldberry Proudfeet (мисс энни, анна андреевна) (goldi_proudfeet) wrote,
Goldberry Proudfeet (мисс энни, анна андреевна)

Вальдорфская школа

My riches can't buy ev'rything
I want to hear the children sing
It is the evening of the day
I sit and watch the children play...

(The Rolling Stones)

- and nobody was hurt, and everybody laught, and they lived happily ever after!

- once upon a time there was a man, named Jack - he was a lazy bone (ленивая кость:)...

- Влада, Артём, Глеб, Андрей

- Кирилл;

- Алёша;


- Надя;

- Элизабет;

- Сонечка;

- Богдана;

- две Сони;

- Андрей;

- Настя;

- Ася;

- Поля as a root-gnome;

- Жасмин;

- Макс;

Tags: вальдорфское, дети, запечатления, чужие слова
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